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Every taste is accommodated - from rock to news, country to classical - by Dayton's local AM &FM stations. Additional stations, from Cincinnati to Columbus are also readily available. Local stations include:


WONE:980: Music Superstars
WDAO:1210: Jazz, Soul, R&B
WHIO:1290: News, Talk
WING:1410: CNN Headline News, Talk


88.1 FM WDPR Classical  
88.3 FM WAIF    
88.3 FM WOAR Christian Contemporary  
88.5 FM WMUB Public Radio  
88.5 FM WSOH    
88.7 FM WOBO    
88.7 FM WHJM Religious  
88.9 FM WCSU Urban Contemporary  
88.9 FM WJYW Christian Contemporary  
88.9 FM WMWX Rock  
89.1 FM WUSO Variety  
89.3 FM WYNS Variety  
89.3 FM WKRT Christian Contemporary  
89.3 FM WMKV    
89.5 FM WQRP Christian Contemporary  
89.5 FM WHSS Alternative  
89.5 FM WDPS Jazz  
89.7 FM WENS Christian Contemporary  
89.7 FM WNKU Adult Alternative  
89.9 FM WLHS    
89.9 FM WDPG Classical  
90.1 FM WORI Christian Contemporary  
90.3 FM WKCD Christian Contemporary  
90.9 FM WGUC Classical  
91.1 FM WBSH Public Radio  
91.3 FM WYSO Public Radio  
91.5 FM WECI Public Radio  
91.7 FM WDEQ Variety  
91.7 FM WVXU Public Radio  
92.1 FM WROU Urban AC  
92.5 FM WOFX Classic Rock  
92.9 FM WGTZ Adult Contemporary  
93.3 FM WAKW Christian Contemporary  
93.7 FM WFCJ Religious  
94.1 FM WNNF Hot AC  
94.5 FM WYDB Country  
94.9 FM WREW Adult Hits  
95.3 FM WZLR Classic Rock  
95.7 FM WHIO News/Talk  
96.1 FM WQLK Country  
96.5 FM WFTK Rock  
96.9 FM WYDA Christian Contemporary  
97.3 FM WYGY Country  
97.5 FM WTGR Country  
97.5 FM WVNU Adult Contemporary  
97.7 FM WSWO-LP Oldies  
97.7 FM WOXY Regional Mexican  
97.9 FM WGJM-LP Hip Hop  
98.1 FM WUDR Variety  
98.3 FM WPKO Hot AC  
98.3 FM WKET Rock  
98.3 FM WZZY Adult Contemporary  
98.5 FM WRRM Adult Contemporary  
99.1 FM WHKO Country  
99.9 FM WCHD CHR  
100.3 FM WOSL Sports  
100.7 FM WEEC Religious  
101.1 FM WIZF Rhythmic CHR  
101.3 FM WFMG Hot AC  
101.5 FM WCLI Country  
101.9 FM WKRQ Hot AC  
102.3 FM WKLN    
102.7 FM WEBN Rock  
102.9 FM WDHT Rhythmic CHR  
103.5 FM WGRR Classic Rock  
103.9 FM WZDA Alternative  
104.3 FM WNLT    
104.7 FM WTUE Rock  
105.1 FM WUBE Country  
105.5 FM WCHO Country  
105.5 FM WMVR Adult Contemporary  
105.9 FM WNKN Country  
106.3 FM WXMG Religious  
106.5 FM WRZX Classic Hits  
106.9 FM WWSU Variety  
107.1 FM WKFS CHR  
107.3 FM WCWT Variety  
107.7 FM WMMX Hot AC


Dayton's five local television stations cover all the major networks:

WDTN TV-2 carries NBC
WHIO TV-7 is a CBS affiliate
WKEF TV-22 is with ABC
WRGT TV-45 is with Fox
WPTD TV-16 is the local Public Broadcasting Station

It is always wise, however, to check local listings. Five stations from Cincinnati, with the same network affiliations as local Dayton stations, are also available in the south suburbs.

Cable television is offered through Time Warner Cable at 754-4700.


High speed internet access is available from Time Warner Cable (RoadRunner) or from AT&T .Check with either the cable or telephone company for latest rates. Dish TV is also available. 


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