Moving to a new city means many changes. It can also mean a lot of time finding your way around, learning where to go to get what you want, and discovering the state and local regulations that may apply to your new situation. Irongate Inc. Realtors wants to help you save some of that precious time. We've listed a number of basic "starting out" facts in this section that may be of assistance to setting up in your new home in Dayton and its surrounding communities. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us. We're here to help you.

Automobile, Boat and other Motor Vehicle Registration

To register your car, RV, travel trailer, boat or motorcycle you need an Ohio Certificate of Title. If your vehicle is already registered in another state, your vehicle must undergo an inspection to receive an Ohio Certificate of Title. Inspections are offered at most new car dealerships for a nominal fee. Once you have a valid Ohio title, you must obtain an Ohio registration and Ohio license plates. In Ohio, automobile insurance, the wearing of seat belts and special seats for small children are compulsory.

Bicycles and Mopeds

A bicycle license is required in Dayton and in many surrounding communities. All local municipalities encourage registration in case of loss, and many offer bike safety programs. To operate a moped you must be at least 14 years of age and must possess a Moped Operator's License (if you do not have a regular driver's license already). The Moped license requires a vision exam and a written test.

Driver's Licenses

Within 30 days after you have established either residency or employment, you must apply for an Ohio's Driver's License. In order to get an Ohio license you will need to present your birth certificate and social security card. Written and vision tests are required and in the case of a physical disability, a road/driving test is required. You may obtain your license from the Driver's License Examination Station in your area. Consult the phone book for the station nearest you. A special license is required for motorcycles. A motorcycle is defined as any motorized vehicle that achieves speeds in excess of 20 mph.

Electric and Gas Service

Dayton Power & Light Company provides electric service for Dayton and most of its suburbs. Vectren provides gas service to the Dayton area. Springboro and Lebanon, to the south of Dayton, receive electric and gas service from Cincinnati Gas and Electric. The DP&L budget level billing option allows customers to pay the same rate for 11 months (August is the catch-up month) so as to avoid high heating, or high air conditioning bills. Each year the level billing amounts are recalculated based on actual usage from the previous year. Call 224-6000 for information.

Gun Registration

The City of Dayton requires all firearms to be registered. Applications for registration may be made at the Municipal Building. There is a fee. Call 449-1069 for further information.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses are required for those age 16 and older. They may be obtained at sporting or general merchandise stores. Hunting licenses are also required for all hunters, and are conditional upon completing a state-sponsored Hunting Safety course. Call 1-800 282-3557 for further information.

Library Cards

Use of the Dayton-Montgomery County Public Libraries requires a valid library card. A card may be obtained by proving a legal connection to Montgomery County, such as a utilities bill, or a $5.00 refundable deposit. A card may be issued immediately from the Main Library at 215 E. Third St. in downtown Dayton. Applications made at branch libraries require 2-3 days for processing. Both Oakwood and Centerville-Washington Township's public libraries are not a part of the County system. Each requires their own separate card.

Pet Ordinances

Dogs over three months of age must be licensed with a permanent tag. Tags ($20) must be purchased each year between December 1 and January 20. There is an additional $15 penalty fee for unrenewed tags obtained after that date. Prorated Tags may be purchased at the Montgomery County Auditor's Office (225-4314) and other locations. For tags in Greene County call 376-5065, in Warren County call 932-4040. Dogs are not permitted to run loose in Montgomery County. They must be penned or on a leash, or they are subject to being impounded.

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